hist-brewing: Angelica Liqueur

Jim Lindstrom jcrocket at alltel.net
Tue Dec 28 03:36:00 PST 1999

Terry Ash wrote:
> I'm looking to make Angelica liqueur, however, I can't seem to find
> anywhere to obtain Angelica Root.   any ideas?

Just subbed to the list. I don't know what form you need the Angelica
in, but here are a couple of links to what I was able to find:

These people have an extract

Here you can buy a powdered form

This takes you to a page with links to many herbal and organic grocery stores

I'll be visiting my local organic grocery later today,and I'll ask about
angelica root. If I find anything new, I'll post it.

Good Luck!

Jim Lindstrom
Oak Forest, PA
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