hist-brewing: Gruit Ingredients

Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Mon Dec 27 22:44:32 PST 1999

OK, did we ever come up with a DEFINITIVE source for the ingredients for Gruit.  I'm speaking mainly about the Myricia Gale, Marsh Rosemary and Yarrow.  I really want to start brewing this, but I have personally written email to every herb place I can find on the web and have still been unable to locate these ingredients in bulk.  I know a few people claimed to have found a source for these, but they never posted that source, so please help out and post the sources so I can get to brewing.  ;)  It would be so deeply appreciated!

BTW, here is a list of the "other" names for these herbs, in case this helps:
Myrica Gale
 Sweet Gale
 English Bog Myrtle
 Dutch Myrtle
 Herba Myrti Rabanitini
 Gale palustris (Chevalier)

Marsh Rosemary
 Marsh Tes
 Marsh Cistsu
 Wild Rosemary
 Wild Rosmarin
 Rosamrinus Sylvestris
 The Finne
  ? Ledum palustre

Yarrow - no other names currently known to me

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