hist-brewing: Wormwood

Shroom shroom at theriver.com
Thu Dec 16 13:52:03 PST 1999

Sorry to disagree, but Pastis and Pernod are both brand names for the same
thing.  Both are imported into the US (appx $17/750ml) and are the same

It is true that the usual method of drinking either one is to cut it 1:x with
water in a tall glass (x being anywhere from 3 to 10 depending on personal
taste, bars usually give you 1:4 or so) and sometimes ice cubes.  "mixed" drinks
can also be made with it, a "tomate" (tomato) by adding Grenadine, and a
"perroquet" (parrot) by mixing with creme de menthe.  Usually drunk in the
summer as a cooling drink.

Frederic Bourdelier

>     The wormwood-free version of absinthe is marketed under the name Pernod,
> and is readily available in the USA.  Pastis is Pernod cut with about two
> parts
> water (which causes it to go all cloudy), and is what the driver of Princess

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