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judy judy at southeast.net
Wed Dec 15 13:52:20 PST 1999

    Yes you guys have heard right,  We have started a brewers guild here in
castlemere. Jax Fla.   The West Kingdom Brewers Guild was very helpful to
us.  I have some info on this, if you like just let me know and I'll e-mail
it to you.  We had our 2nd meeting on Dec, 11, 1999.  It went very well.
There were alot of enteries,  25 of them.  Next meeting is Jan 8th 2000. at
7:00 pm.  The meetings will be held every 2nd sat of the month. every one is
welcomed, even if you are not a member.  The guild is a loose association of
people who get toghther to talk about what we do and love, and of course to
swap lies and share samples....without, one can't really form a clear idea
of other peoples work.  Naturally, the guilds mission is to encourage the
production of homemade beverages, to promote the spread of research and
information about brewing and to improve the quality of homemade beverages
by the availability of this information.  We will have a
competition(tasting) at every meeting.  If interested just e-mail me
judy at leading.net or call 904-724-2739.  We are in our infant stage so there
are offices up for nominition, and we want to name the guild too.  So all
the input you guys have will be helpful.
Judy/ The one that brews
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>FYI to all brewers and vintners
>Master Jarnakar, ironmonger,oscWyahoo.com, has written a charter and has
>been lobbying thre royals to get approval.  Thus far he has not been
>successful.  Any efforts you can make to get thisapproval will be
>Lord Robin MacLeer
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>>     You know come to think of it I recall hearing something about
>> getting a Brewers Guild started up in Trimaris. Maybe if we all pull our
>> resources and become as one with the all mighty yeast we brew junkies
>> can keep everyone in Trimaris happy for days on end. If anyone knows
>> anything about this being real lets jump on it, I am willing to do what
>> I can. If it is false..what are we waiting for lets get one a Guild
>> started maybe with a name like "The Masters of Malt" or maybe the
>> "Heralds of Hops" hey that's kinda catchy :)
>> Innis "The Hopmiester" McCothas
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