hist-brewing: poisonous brewing practices

Wed Dec 15 09:31:51 PST 1999

Hiram Berry wrote:
>How amazing then, that I've been brewing (and consuming) purls for several years now, never having suffered any of those symptoms!  Personally, I find
the flavor and aroma of fresh wormwood leaf much more pleasant than that of any variety of dried hops.  Around 8 - 9 oz. of the undried leaf seems about right for a 6 gallon brew.<

Do you add the wormwood at the biggining of the boil or end?  Do you use hops with the worwood, or just the wormwood?  Do you know anything about the history of purl?  I know that Purls were mentioned by Dickens, and  in Culpeper's Herbal (1652) drinking wormwood beer to cure chill or fever is metioned.  This is intersting because wormwood is used in beer (hopped ale) and not gruit ale.

Any info would be appreciated.

Nate (Nathi)

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