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> << Absinthe was deemed responsible for many deaths and has 
> been banned in 
>  several countries since the turn of the century. A wormwood 
> free version of 
>  absinthe, called pastis, is now popular in France.
>   >>
>     The wormwood-free version of absinthe is marketed under 
> the name Pernod, 
> and is readily available in the USA.  Pastis is Pernod cut 
> with about two 
> parts 
> water (which causes it to go all cloudy), and is what the 
> driver of Princess 
> Diana's death car had been drinking after he was told he 
> would not be needed 
> again that evening.

Pernod is just Pernod to me. An aniseedy drink. I don't like it, personally!
I wasn't aware that it was meant to be a something-free version of something

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