hist-brewing: distillation legality

Kirsty kpollock at netcomuk.co.uk
Sun Dec 5 09:49:10 PST 1999


you can make as much beer cider or wine etc as you like in the UK, you just
can't sell it (except cider, 1750 gals/year with special excise licence).

it is also (in the uK) illegal to distill anything for any reason as far as
I know  - not to mention impossible to do covertly in urban England! :-(


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>Whoa, whoa, whoa!  I'm certainly no lawyer, but my reading of posts by
>apparently knowledgable folks on HomeBrew Digest over the years has left me
>with a distince impression that ANY concentration of alcohol (by
>distillation or freezing) without a (federal) licence is illegal under
>federal law, which takes precedence over state law.  I would certainly
>think that Ohio code refers to beer and wine, not distillate.  I can't
>imagine you could make up to 1000 gallons distilled alcohol any any
>circumstances unless you were a licensed distillery.  After all, an
>individual can make up to only 100 gallons of beer, 200 for a household.
>And unless you are licensed, you won't have the privilege of paying taxes
>on it - for any distillate or for beer (or wine or cider) over 100/200

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