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>Kirsty wrote:
><I'm interested in the comment s about sugar in connection with
cidermaking -
> virtually all the recipies I have ever seen include sugar and/or honey,
> iI would still consider them to be cider. I suppose since apples don't
> enough sugar in them to produce anything of any great strength (only
> and bananas do that) that these inclusions are designed to boost the
> content. What's the typical final percentage of an all-apple brew???>
>That's odd. Most of the recipes I've read for apple cider involve just
letting the fresh cider sit, not even introducing yeast. Specifically, I'm
thinking of "Stocking Up," a very good book on preserving food in various
ways. It says the alcohol content will be 2-3%.

having spoken to my Somerset source, real  cider is made with dinky horrible
(eating wise) apples and no extra suger. if you want it stronger, you
distill it :-).

I didn't ask about the yeast, but as i understand (from my wine studies)
there is only one out of many native British yeasts which is 'well behaved'
in brewing terms. hence my uncertianty on making any fully authentic

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