hist-brewing: poisonous brewing practices

David McCarty raille at mich.com
Mon Dec 13 08:26:13 PST 1999

>Wormwood contains Thujone which can can cause brain damage; it is addictive, 
>with habitual use also causing vomiting, tremors, vertigo,hallucinations, 
>violent behavior, and convulsions.

Well this is reported to be true, I find the reasons invalid.  Wormwood
contains about 90 Thujone, yet common Sage contains 60% thujone in its
essential oils and no one has every restricted its use.  

>Absinthe was deemed responsible for many deaths and has been banned in 
>several countries since the turn of the century. A wormwood free version
>of absinthe, called pastis, is now popular in France.

It is speculated that the cause for this was the popularity of absinth at
the turn of the century and the lax food additives laws.  Some absinth's
contained copper sulfite, which is highly toxic, to turn the stuff green.

Since so little good documentation is available from this time frame, it is
had to sort out the truths from falsehood.

One thing is likely to be true, and that is that Thujone is not the cause
of the brian damage, or all those turkey dinners with sage stuffing would
have had a noticable effect already.


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