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Thu Dec 9 08:53:16 PST 1999

        I care for it as much as I care for an american Budweiser

(I think most US craft brewers would say the same thing:)

        As a non-us person I can only say "why should we care?"

Depends on what brews you drink.  Some small craft European brewers
need US sales to stay solvent and if they do not meet import
requirements then it is possible to loose a traditional historic
example of a style.  The emergence of global economics and
multinational brewing conglomerates (who also own small craft brands)
tend to sink to the lowest common denominator, both in taste and
regulations.  I wish there were more groups like CAMRA.

There is also a push here in the last few years to get some of the
excellent (or maybe not:) US microbrews to export.  Since very few
styles originated in the US, many of these replicate (some very well)
European traditional styles.  ATF says that when I make a (tripel,
lambic whatever) I have to add "-style" ale (or beer) and and indicate
*where* it was brewed.  This goes for city-of-origin styles like
Dortmunder or whatever.  This stops dishonesty and prevents confusion
in whatever market (country) you are in, and I feel it is a good

Code of Hammarabi, Roman Empire, Frankish Empire, Brauerben laws of
Hamburg, the Erfrut "Biereigen" representation of 1309, Munich's
brewers ordinance of 1491, the Ratisbon brewers decree of the 17th
century (where "brewers... who dare to sell any more of such miserable
and diabolical liquor, shall be compelled to drink it up themselves")
[Arnold, 1911 pp 316], and US ATF all have interesting (historical)
brewing regulations.  

I dont particularly care for US Budweiser either, but I have gone on
professsional technical tours of their main plant to help me
understand where they came from.


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