hist-brewing: XIIIth cent spice named Squinant

Eric A. Rhude ateno at panix.com
Thu Dec 9 06:35:34 PST 1999

Hello all:

I am readacting a Claree from "Two Anglo-Norman Culinary 
collections Edited from Britich Library Manuscripts, 
Additional; 32085 and Royal 12.C.xii"

It is in Middle Medieval French which is not a 
problem since the source translated it for me.
And I checked with a fluent french speaker and 
she assured me it was as close as she knew.

But the trouble all began with the spices:
All are standard spices for a Claree, from cinnamon
to Cardamom, but two were a problem.

Malabathrum:  From what I can tell its a Indian Cinnamon, any
              other ideas?

Squinant: None of my usual suspects have any idea what it
          is.  Has anyone heard of it or can you give me a hint?

Thanks so much.

Eric Rhude


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