hist-brewing: Ledum Paluster

Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com
Thu Dec 9 01:20:03 PST 1999

I must admit that my first assumption in such cases is laziness or
stupidity, but you have reminded me that my other half, who is neither
stupid nor lazy and is also a computer professional, can never find anything
on the web. I'm pretty good at it but I'm a professional A/P who has
desgined umpteen database search systems (it's not easy!), so maybe I just
have the same kind of mind as the search engine guys! It makes it very hard
for me to remember that other people are not like this. You'd probably be
the sam with my utter lack of a sense of direction. (directionally

sorry for over-reacting...

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> > I get annoyed with this sort of thing because I find myself 
> going and
> >  looking up what has been asked and then thinking "why am I 
> doing something
> >  that the person themselves could easily do with no more 
> information than I
> >  have?"  - and they would know better than me what was 
> actually relevant to
> >  them.
> >  
>     Some of us are search-disadvantaged.  I am one.  I never 
> learned how to 
> use a library effectively, and I find the Web EXTREMELY 
> frustrating.  Both my 
> wife the librarian and my son the graduate student are 
> completely unable to 
> understand my problem, as you are no doubt also.
>     I try to give complete answers and complete citations 
> when asked a 
> question, as I would have it done unto me.
>     I ask questions not because I'm lazy, but because I'm 
> handicapped.  I 
> find it hurtful when I get flamed for being iggorant.
>     Scotti

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