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In a message dated 12/07/1999 10:28:09 AM EST, whutchis at bucknell.edu writes:

> Now, for the Wars of the Roses crowd that started this whole thing, I think
>  you have several choices.  You could brew Ale (no hops, no post-mash boil),
>  or you could make a 'continental' beer, brewed with hops and boiled.  The
>  earliest 'recipe' that would work for the beer would be in Harrison's
>  "Description of England" (Based on the original text from Holinshed's
>  Chronicles, 1587 ed., and on a collation of Furnivall's ed.)

    Those who are interested can find Reverend William Harrison's text at
<http://leeharrison.simplenet.com/bwp/har/index.html> (pg 158),  and a 
redaction at <http://www.mtsu.edu/~kgregg/dmir/05/eliznote.html>.  
Both worthwhile.
    In joy and service, 

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