hist-brewing: administrivia

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Dec 8 09:01:50 PST 1999

First off, this is not a list for discussing the legalization of pot,
the effects of pot on the brain (even if it's related to hops, it's
still not likely to be a productive discussion), whether pot being
outlawed was a conspiracy against hemp cloth, and so forth. Please
exercise your good judgment. I have strong opinions on the matter, but
I don't share them with my brewing friends.

Second, yes, volume has picked up quite a lot. The digest comes out
when there are 40 kbytes of messages. That means that it comes out
more often when there is a lot of traffic. If I dial the size up, it
will begin to bounce for some people. Most of the messages that we've
been getting have been quite informative.

As for "spoon feeding" people, please avoid taking offense when none
is intended. It's hard to tell the tone of voice from a posting.

-- g

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