hist-brewing: Ledum Paluster

Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com
Wed Dec 8 08:46:28 PST 1999

I was possibly a bit harsh, but that sort of thing has been annoying me on
other lists and I suppose it just spilled over. 

BUT given that Jerry then saying that it grew in easily accessible
locations, and it would be useful to learn what it looked like so you could
gather it. (or indeed what other locations it grew in other than the
american mid-west)

The reply was less than pleasant, and to me, annoying in its attitude. The
poster seems to be saying to me that what they want is to be able to
identify this plant when they see it, and that's what they want the other
list members to tell them. If it were me, once I knew that it was common in
the wild, then _my_ next port of call for that sort of info would be a book,
with pictures (or maybe a web search, but that's more hit and miss in terms
of image quality). Far more useful than a text definition from us lot, no
matter how good, anyway.

I get annoyed with this sort of thing because I find myself going and
looking up what has been asked and then thinking "why am I doing something
that the person themselves could easily do with no more information than I
have?"  - and they would know better than me what was actually relevant to

do you see my point??

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> Kirsty,
>     I don't think it is a request for spoon feeding when 
> someone comes to the list and asks where to find something.  
> Almost ALL of the information we trade here can be found on 
> the web.  If the answer was, "I know, but you go look it up 
> for yourself" to everything, what would be the point in this 
> list?  People come to the list for answers because they want 
> advice and help from those who already know and they can ask 
> specific questions about that information that a web page 
> can't provide.  Plus, his answer is even less helpful for the 
> billions of people who do not live in his region.  
> Personally, I think Jerry owes an apology to the person who 
> had originally posted that message asking for help.  From his 
> previous posts, he seems like an upstanding gentleman and 
> hopefully his answer was born of a bad day.  We all have them 
> and we all say things we regret later.  My guess is that he 
> does regret his message as I have regretted messages before.
> Richard
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> From: "Kirsty Pollock" <kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com>
> > Well, get a book on plants that has it in and learn what it 
> looks like. A
> > picture paints a thousand words and all that. Or look it up 
> on the web -
> > several search engines offer picture searches.
> > 
> > I really hate that 'spoon feed me' attitude.
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> > > Behalf Of Richard
> > > Gee, that was helpful.  If we knew how to identify it, we 
> > > wouldn't have turned to the list for help.
> > > ----- Original Message ----- 
> > > From: "Jerry J Harder" <mastergoodwine at juno.com>
> > > > Most yards in the midwest have it unless you live in a city with
> > > > herbisided yards.  Learn how to identify it.

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