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Brokk H940114 at
Wed Dec 8 05:21:27 PST 1999

	why the concern over methyl alcohol aka methanol in this case ?
	IIRC there's no methanol present in wood.  It can be produced,
however, from anaerobic heating of wood.
	(The exact same process that makes charcoal)  I don't think that
process is involed here, the charring that's done
	to the barrels would not produce any methanol or if any is produced,
evaporate it.
	As for the levels of toxins in distilled spirits matured in oak
casks i read quite an interesting article a few years ago.
	It concluded that from one glass of whisky, 6:cl IIRC, you'd get the
same amount of PAH:s and other carcinogen compounds 
	as from a breakfast toast, and the toast wasn't burned beyond
recognition either, far from it.
	Sadly enough I can't recall the name of the article or the source.


> On Tue, 7 Dec 1999 14:18:57 +0100  Brokk <H940114 at> writes:
> >
> >What's considered to be toxins in this case ?
> >Angus,who hears Paracelsus old words ringing in his head.
> >
> I believe wood alcohol and other stuff,  I am not an expert on
> distilation.  Most of my information comes through the vinue of WINE
> barrels and how they are different from wisky/ berbon barrels.  I also
> think some of the problems arrise in any form of distillation which
> concentrates these other posions along with the alcohol.  Activated
> charcol takes some of them out.
> >> The charring on the outside filters and absorbs toxin.  The color 
> >and
> >> flavors come from the deeper layers.
> >> 
> >> Master Gerald Goodwine
> >> 

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