SV: hist-brewing: Simple Mead Recipes?

Brokk H940114 at
Wed Dec 8 05:09:48 PST 1999

You forgot the "never rush a good brew" rule =)
Try looking at the Cats Meow 3 mead section at
and look around, preferably for something called sweet or quick mead.

Personally I've never made a mead that fermented out in less than 3 months, 
but it's all a matter of planning and making beers in between =)


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> Ämne:	hist-brewing: Simple Mead Recipes?
>     Hello,I was wondering if anyone had some relatively simple recipes for
> a small mead.  A few of my friends back home (I am a college student)
> tasted a bit of my last batch (a simple little metheglin),and asked me how
> to brew their own.  After explaining the basics like yeast, air-locks, and
> the like, then moving on to fermentation times of several months, they
> were somewhat put off.
>     So, I'm looking for small batch recipes that can ferment out (or at
> least to a drinkable sparkling mead) in 3 to 6 weeks.  I'd like to keep it
> simple and use ingredients they probably already have or could easily buy
> at the market (cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, etc.)  I'm going to loan
> them some equipment, so that is not an issue, but most of my recipes take
> quite a bit to ferment out.  Can anyone help me out?
>         Thanks in advance!
>                 -=Jon Shapiro

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