hist-brewing: Hops, methyl alcohol and cannabis

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> I am a newcomer to the list and have been watching the lively back and

> Hops
> The Encyclopedia also mentions that hops are mildly sedative and diuretic.

Yeah, I never pushed the issue of having to go to the bathroom more often, but I am glad someone else mentioned it.  Another reason Hops "r bad, nhok?"  
<joke rf:SP>

> was present in all beers. The description of the effects of hops that
> appeared in the press, made hops nearly an illegal drug!

Now if only something like this could happen to Bob Barr people would see him for the small minded idiot he is.  (Supression of public votes, sheesh!)
> grapes). There is no risk from it coming from wooden implements. Remember

Thank you for clearing that up for me, I was getting worried.
> This has got to be lengthy for a first posting, but I hope this helps!

Very much so, I am glad you have Joined the list!

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