hist-brewing: Simple Mead Recipes?

Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com
Wed Dec 8 01:30:20 PST 1999

There's a small mead recipe at http://www.stoutbillys.com
<http://www.stoutbillys.com>  somewhere which takes 2 weeks (really - but
you need a big fridge or I suppose if you are at reasonable latitude it's
cold enough outside at the moment :-))
I made it and was surprised that it was sparkling (never having even heard
of sparkling mead b4, it's not common in the UK, nor are hopped meads). it
was quite nice, but a bit weak compared to the 12-14% meads I am used to. I
recommend using brandy rather than vodka/polish spirit and using a whole
bottle :-)
good luck

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    Hello,I was wondering if anyone had some relatively simple recipes for a
small mead.  A few of my friends back home (I am a college student) tasted a
bit of my last batch (a simple little metheglin),and asked me how to brew
their own.  After explaining the basics like yeast, air-locks, and the like,
then moving on to fermentation times of several months, they were somewhat
put off.
    So, I'm looking for small batch recipes that can ferment out (or at
least to a drinkable sparkling mead) in 3 to 6 weeks.  I'd like to keep it
simple and use ingredients they probably already have or could easily buy at
the market (cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, etc.)  I'm going to loan them
some equipment, so that is not an issue, but most of my recipes take quite a
bit to ferment out.  Can anyone help me out?
        Thanks in advance!
                -=Jon Shapiro

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