hist-brewing: sleepy time with hops

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>  Did you guys know that hops are related to the marjauana 
> Plant?  They are
> cousins.  I know from bagging the hops that in about 5 
> minutes I'm yawning,
> Many herb books will reccommed using hops to help produce 
> sleep.  There are
> even Hops Pillows out on the market, that you place it under 
> your pillow and
> it helps you sleep.  You can make a tea out of 1 tsp of hops. 
>  I have used
> this recipe myself and it did produce sleep, but it didn't 
> taste very well.

That's about the amount I tried, to no effect (except possibly more vivid
dreams). It does tast pretty horrible - I ended up putting a big spoon of
honey in, which improved matters.

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