hist-brewing: hops/cannibinoids/MBD

isenhour at uiuc.edu isenhour at uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 7 20:54:36 PST 1999

Richard typed:
Most people I know still believe that marijuana leads to brain damage.
They don't understand that it lowers the Glutamine level in the brain
causing slower thought processes, etc. 

This is not the subject for this gruit:) I personally know people who
have lost huge funding because they faild to find "brain damage" in
pot smokers.  Pointing to one global glutamine receptor change (whole
brain studies or what?) prove nothing at all.  I worked with patch-clamp
glutamine/gaba receptor researchers at StL Med U. and I cannot
figure out where this propaganda came from.

Biochemical Individuality Rules,

"If you can't handle it, dont do it" Mojo Nixon

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