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I'm getting tired of typing! (esp all these big words!)

Richard typed:

     I posted a set of references about 4 days ago.  If you don't keep your old mail, let me know and I will forward this to you directly.

Please send these to me also.

(snip snip)
 Interesting that you have more vivid dreams under the influence of
 hops.  Potassium also has this effect and Magnessium and Manganese in
 large doses will help you remember them.

Try some b6 at about 60 mg and see what happens.

 Different people 

Total agreement here, biochemical individuality.

 Milk is a perfect example of this.  Mil contains extremely high
 amounts of two amino acids: Tryptophan and Tyrosine.  Tryptophan
 generally results in drowsiness and Tyrosine usually results in

Notwithstanding "extremely", the presence of l-tryptophan IS the rate
limiting step in the production of serotonin (5-hydroxitrypamine),
which in sufficent dose will cause drowsyness (the Japanese killed our
market of L-tryptophan when they did not clean it up and it killed
some Americans and the FDA banned it).  However the rate limiting step
for tyrosine is not the presense of tyrosine, tyrosine hydroxliation
is.  You need to ingest a modified form (in lay terms pre-digested:)
dihydroxyphenylalnine (L-dopa, used for parkinsons for this reason).

 I know I react to hops.

I believe this.  If it causes you problems then the more well informed
the better.

 Brewers droop is specific to the condition related to hops.

I'd really like some ref's on this.  If you are really interested (or
crazed:), then check out my favorite book 
_The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology_ 
by Cooper, Bloom and Roth (my most current editionis 1991 and I know
there is a newer one).  Also _The Pharmacological Basis of
Theraputics_ has good info any of the last 3 editions would have basic

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