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Jerry J Harder typed:
 They sold malt extract during Prohibition.  It was sent with a "recipe"
 saying - Don't add water, Don't add yeast, Don't attach an airlock ---

They sold a TON (per day, some shops) of malt during prohibition.  

The following is a small excerpt from my dissertation, I am rebuilding
my computer so I dont have access to the full citation yet.  (if
anyone uses Endnote I would like to trade brewing bibliographies)

In Baltimore just one homebrew supply store was selling over 2,000
pounds of malt syrup a day, and in 1927 the national consumption of
malt syrup was 888 million pounds

Home brewing was considered inconsequential at the time by the
chief chemist in charge of alcohol determination at the Treasury
Department, who's statement about home brewing was "nothing to that,
It's too much trouble for uncertain results, they may try it once but
not more".  Nevertheless the mayor of Sandusky, Ohio estimated that 80
percent of the population was home brewing.  The large brewers also
made hopped malt extract, which was supposedly designed for malt
cookies, however August Busch later admitted that the hopped malt
extract they sold was so bitter it could only be used for brewing.  
(Ronnenberg 195-196).

historically yours,

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