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Tue Dec 7 18:44:32 PST 1999

Rev. Gorm recently mentioned that some of these CFR's relate to
commercial vinting.  Reminded me of whenI was talking to some ATF guys
about adding herbs etc to beers and they said that if it was GRAS by
FDA they would probably allow it, but he said ATF would not allow any
more commercial production of "hemp" beers.

(GRAS=Generally Regarded As Safe)

I also spoke with Bert Grant several years ago when the ATF was on his
case due to his putting nutritional values on beer.  They told him he
couldnt put it on the label, so he put a folded card on each sixpack
and that was fine, until the newswire caught wind of it, saying the
BIG BAD ATF wants to suppress the truth.  After that the ATF pretty
much set up an office in his brewery and hassled him horribly.

He told me that he had written permission from the ATF to brew cider
(being a pioneer of the industry) but they told him that didnt mean
anything and he got fined for illegal brewing.  His wife told me there
was one particularly unpleasant agent that would interview her
constantly, getting right in her face and telling her "we can do
anything we want to you".  I would take the stance of dont tell, dont
tell in a commercial situation.  I think many brewers leave honey off
the monthly "brewers report" to avoid problems.


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