hist-brewing: Simple Mead Recipes?

Jon jls462 at psu.edu
Tue Dec 7 18:14:18 PST 1999

    Hello,I was wondering if anyone had some relatively simple recipes for a small mead.  A few of my friends back home (I am a college student) tasted a bit of my last batch (a simple little metheglin),and asked me how to brew their own.  After explaining the basics like yeast, air-locks, and the like, then moving on to fermentation times of several months, they were somewhat put off.
    So, I'm looking for small batch recipes that can ferment out (or at least to a drinkable sparkling mead) in 3 to 6 weeks.  I'd like to keep it simple and use ingredients they probably already have or could easily buy at the market (cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, etc.)  I'm going to loan them some equipment, so that is not an issue, but most of my recipes take quite a bit to ferment out.  Can anyone help me out?

        Thanks in advance!

                -=Jon Shapiro
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