hist-brewing: Re: hydromel

B.R. Rolya br at interport.net
Tue Dec 7 15:19:16 PST 1999

Al K. writes:
>P.S. Someone posted about "hydromel" being honey water (presumably
>unfermented).  Actually, some people call low-gravity/low-alcohol
>meads hydromels (like 1.040 OG), but I've been told that "hydromel"
>is the French word for mead, so it's probably a misuse of the term
>to use it to mean specifically a low-alcohol mead.

Yes, in France "hydromel" is mead and it's definitely not low-alcohol.  The
bottles of hydromel that I saw in France this summer were generally around
8% abv.

On the hop or not to hop question, I'll challenge anecdotal evidence with
anecdotal evidence:  I can get quite lively and loquacious after several
pints of IPA yet can become sleepy after several glasses of wine or other
alcohol.  Maybe someone is sneaking hops into my wine ;)

Malted Barley Appreciation Society
New York, NY

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