hist-brewing: Ledum Paluster

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
Tue Dec 7 14:55:42 PST 1999

As part of our herbal discussion people have said : 

	>    You first.  Where did you find yarrow and the marsh rosemary?
And does 
	>anyone know where to purchase alehoof or costmary, which are also
	>as gruits?
	>    Scotti
	I am growing yarrow.  I can harvest for people next season.

Guys.  With all this talk about herbs I had to give you this.  It still
doesn't cover the ones we keep looking for but maybe somebody out there is
looking for, or gets an idea to use, something else.  They have a huge
selection including powdered and whole yarrow. (Which I get at a local
store.)   Anybody want to brew with powdered morning glory seeds?  OK, I
threw one in.  Where do we get the other two?

http://herbalchemy.com/BULKHERB.HTM <http://herbalchemy.com/BULKHERB.HTM> 


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