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Tue Dec 7 11:35:40 PST 1999

In a message dated 12/07/1999 0:05:54 AM EST, mastergoodwine at juno.com writes:

> A brewery made a batch of mead ale (honey with hops carbonated like a
>  beer and at normal beer strength) They had to dump this perfectly good
>  stuff down the drain because their license was for beer not wine, even
>  though this was like a beer, because stuff made with honey is considered
>  wine.  The laws can be very narrow minded and I would wonder if they
>  wouldn't make a winery dump the same stuff out for being a beer?
    Lemme see now.  It's legal to put honey in beer, so I guess the problem 
was that they hadn't put in any malt.  So they should have put in a nominal 
amount of malt to qualify it.  I wonder how much it would take, and whether 
that would alter the flavor too much away from the desired profile?
    On the other side, sound like a wonderful way to counteract the sweetness 
of a mead.  Any idea which hops they used??

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