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In a message dated 12/07/1999 1:05:00 AM EST, Richard at WowMe.com writes:

> BTW, [higher alcohols] aren't always left behind in the normal distilling 
process.  If 
> done improperly, you could end up just as blind.
    Yeah, you're right.  I guess I owe an apology to Karen Olson.  And I 
should have known better, living down here in Mississippi.
    The higher alcohols, known as fusel oils, have greater molecular weights 
and therefore generally convert to gaseous state at higher temperatures.  
They can be left behind in the feed liquor by very careful temperature 
control, but most amateurs and moonshiners don't have that degree of control. 
 The cheaper the still and the more inexperienced the distiller, the more of 
these toxic compounds will carry over.  And
there's the rub.
    My humble apologies, Karen.
    Who ain't always as smart as he thinks he is.

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