hist-brewing: Federal on Wine

Wade Hutchison whutchis at bucknell.edu
Tue Dec 7 10:24:37 PST 1999

A commercial brewery can use adjuncts in a brew, such as honey or
apple juice, but the final product must be made from a certain
percentage of barley malt, and I believe (at least in PA, where
I'm at) must have a certain amount of hops in it as well.

A quirk of the PA wine laws make it impossible for small wineries
to produce mead, since the law reads that wines must be produced from
Pennsylvania _fruit_.  Since technically honey is not a fruit, they
can't make wine from it and sell it legally.  There are some (new)
exceptions for cider under a certain percentage can be sold as
beer, but that's about it.

At 01:11 PM 12/7/1999 , judy wrote:
>  If this were true why are they honey ales JD. Dundee and apple ales
>Williamsburg brewery  and raspberry Stout. A1A ale works  I guess its the
>context of the words.     Its like Hard apple cider  6% Its considered a
>wine. even though it is low in alcohol.  Now I bet if there was a bit of
>barley in with the honey  they could get away with it.  Also there is a
>barley wine.   Is that a Beer or a Wine and Why.

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