hist-brewing: hop droop

Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Tue Dec 7 07:34:04 PST 1999

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From: "Jeff Renner" <nerenner at umich.edu>

> "Richard" <Richard at WowMe.com> writes about how well his (presumably hoppy)
> beer was received:
> >This wasn't just
> >one person, this was a number of people.  Most of them, granted were
> >women
> Great.  So there you are with a really happy, mellow woman but the hops
> keep you from acting on the situation!  ;-)

Ahh!  Alas, it was the other way around!  It was the hopless brew that made them so happy and talkative and I too had partaken of the hopless brew!  They don't call me Casanova for nothing!  ;)


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