hist-brewing: Reinheitsgebot

Wade Hutchison whutchis at bucknell.edu
Tue Dec 7 07:21:27 PST 1999

For another perspective on Reinheitsgebot, check out: 

Another source, which I can't place at the moment, suggested that the
Reinheitsgebot was enacted by the _bakers_ of medieval Germany to protect
their Wheat supplies, which were being used by the brewers.  (hmmmm, bread
or beer - wonder which one most folks would pick?)  YMMV
         -----Gille MacDhnoiull
         mka Wade Hutchison

>good call,  even in places where hops were common they certanly werent the 
>only spice used in brewing,  one of the reasons for the R***H***gebot  was 
>that people were getting to F'ed up on halusinigenic herbs used in beer.
>Rev Steve


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