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Joel Plutchak plutchak at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 7 06:40:35 PST 1999

In hist-brewing-digest #468, Kirsty Pollock <kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com>
>I'm just concerned that there is a risk of needlessly worrying
>people with the possible other side effects (understandably, you don't
>comment upon these in the context of yourself, and I can't do so in my
>case, being the wrong gender).

   Well, I started becoming a beer aficionado about 20 years ago,
and started brewing (and handling hops) about 14 years ago.  I
am glad to report no "droop" problems (as is my wife ;-), and we
had no problem having kids in the past 5-7 years.  There's some
anecdotal counter-evidence for ya.
   I realize this isn't a scientific list, but there sure seems
to be a certain amount of shaky reasoning and distinctly unsupported
hearsay being passed around as proven fact.
Joel Plutchak <plutchak at uiuc.edu>

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