hist-brewing: Hops

Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Tue Dec 7 05:18:05 PST 1999

From: "Kirsty Pollock" <kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com>

> > Whether it is really the hops that cause it or not is to be 
> > debated.  
> is that not contradictory to the previous sentence?

Not really.  I fully agree that it is debatable.  I simply state my own evidence and sources and the decision it has led me to make. By no means have I ever claimed to be right.
> people.  I'm just concerned that there is a risk of needlessly worrying
> people with the possible other side effects (understandably, you don't
> comment upon these in the context of yourself, and I can't do so in my case,
> being the wrong gender).

Ahh, I wasn't trying to needlessly worry anyone.  I'm sorry if I have had this effect.  I wanted to enlighten others to the fact that there is information to be debated and a decision to make as to which side of that debate one chooses to believe in and act on.

BTW, I have yet to find anything which has the other effect on me, the chariot still screams through the skies morning noon and night.  My point:  I want to KEEP it that way!  ;)


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