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Kirsty Pollock kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com
Tue Dec 7 01:21:01 PST 1999

I know this is going on, and it's also repeating a discussion we had a few
weeks ago, but I would love to see any compelling evidence that hops makes
you sleepy, let alone messes with your hormone levels any more than anything
else (plastics, for example). I may have missed references that people have

I know it's not exactly scientific, but I thought that both male fertility
AND beer drinking were declining in the UK, which would be a reverse
correlation to the one you are suggesting. No I don't have any hard figures
on either, it's my memory from newspaper/science mag articles. If I had time
to sift the results, I'd do a search, but I don't. Anyone interested in
supporting/disputing my memory feel free to find the requisite references.

>From my own experiments with hops (on precisely 2 subjects, I will have to
admit) it doesn't make you sleepy, though it possibly makes you have more
vivid dreams). We both have sleeping problems and were anxious for some
'natural' help. Hops only seems to have an appreciable soporific effect when
included as part of many many pints of beer :-)

Again, possibly a repetition, but I thought 'brewer's droop' referred to the
effect of too much alcohol on a man's ability to gain and maintain erection.
(which will happen no matter whether you drink beer or wine or whisky).
Alcoholics frequently become impotent. Anybody got a dictionary of

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