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    Actually the greater issue, as I understand it, is the direct contact with hops to the picker and the brewer.  Being the brewer, well...
    As far as drinking it, I can give you some extremely amateurish and un-scientific data.  When I started brewing with a drastically reduced number of hops [back before I was paranoid ;) ] I got a lot of comments about how people "felt" when they drank my beer.  A lot of people came right out and said something along the lines of, "Generally, I get a little drowsy when I drink beer, but this stuff makes you happy and talkative an I almost feel like I have more energy."  This wasn't just one person, this was a number of people.  Most of them, granted were women, but for me, this is all the proof I require as these statements were not precluded by any comments from me on hops, etc..  For others this just simply is not satisfying proof.  I understand and respect that.  If they had the same thing happen to them, it would seem to them like a sledgehammer knocking on the door.  We all have our "proof barrier".  For a lot of us, personal experience generally breaks that barrier.  For others scientific numbers are required.  For others still, both is necessary.  I like to have both, but I temper someone's studies with my own life experiences.  Since I had no beef against hops before these comments were made and only made a low hop beer as an experiment, and it resulted in the comments it did, I was inclined to believe the data that suggested hosp caused drowsiness.


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> > > you all noticed I used the word MAY!) cause drowsiness and impotence, so
> > > it is believed this fit the protestant agenda of the time, whereas gruit
> I have also found a lot of studies that indicate that hops do contain
> estrogenic compounds, so do soybeans and a LOT of other foods and
> plastic drinking containers.  I have found a study that measured the
> amount of hop estrogenic material in final beer and their conclusion
> was there was such a miniscule amount as to be harmless.  The study that
> looked at soybeans showed that significantly more estrogenics get into
> your system from ingestion of soy (like tofu).  I can imagine
> consuming 1/4 pound of tofu in a meal, but that is an unimaginable
> amount of hops to consume directly.

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