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Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Mon Dec 6 22:03:52 PST 1999

GOOD POINT!!!  I hadn't thought about that when I answered that question!!!

I'm gonna send this to the list so that people are aware of this.  All this talk about freeze distilling and I didn't even think to mention the dangers of methyl alcohol!

BTW, they aren't always left behind in the normal distilling process.  If done improperly, you could end up just as blind.


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> In a message dated 12/06/1999 0:43:46 AM EST, Richard at WowMe.com writes:
>  The really nasty higher alcohols that make you go 
> blind, the kind they used to use in automobile anti-freeze, are left behind 
> by the distilling process and do not carry over.  HOWEVER, they are retained 
> in the product by partial freezing.
>     Kids, don't try this at home.

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