hist-brewing: Medieval brewing assistance needed!

Stephen Bernard flatlander at gis.net
Mon Dec 6 21:41:32 PST 1999

Kirsty Pollock wrote:

> > There is some evidence to suggest that hops were not
> > introduced until the late 15th early 16th century and that
> > they were an invention of the protestant church to cause
> > "calming".  <looking around>
> Hops *may* (OK, you all noticed
> > I used the word MAY!) cause drowsiness and impotence, so it
> > is believed this fit the protestant agenda of the time,
> I doubt any religion wants to discourage an increase in it members and
> breeding them is usually the way to go...

thats why the protestants (mostily upper class wine drinkers) introduced hops to
beer(drunk mostily by catholics)

Rev Steve

P.S.  that was purly a joke and i was not even pretending to know what i'm
talking about (like i usually do)

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