hist-brewing: Federal on Wine

Jerry J Harder mastergoodwine at juno.com
Mon Dec 6 20:53:50 PST 1999

A brewery made a batch of mead ale (honey with hops carbonated like a
beer and at normal beer strength) They had to dump this perfectly good
stuff down the drain because their license was for beer not wine, even
though this was like a beer, because stuff made with honey is considered
wine.  The laws can be very narrow minded and I would wonder if they
wouldn't make a winery dump the same stuff out for being a beer?

Master Gerald Goodwine

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999 00:41:55 -0500 "Chad McGarrah" <cormac at intrepid.net>
>The intent of the references I gave were mainly to show that Federal 
>most likely considers apple and honey based alcohols (fermented not 
>distilled of course) to be part of the Wine Category...
>So far I have found no other references that may refer to Apple Cider 
>or Mead.
>I think you are correct, the rules mentioned in this reference seem to 
>be regulations for commercial brewers. 
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>    Are we sure this is not a law for commercial brewers.  It doesn't 
>make sense that these laws would apply to homebrewing.  One should be 
>able to make their wines to taste.  Isn't that the idea of brewing 
>your own?
>    Richard
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