hist-brewing: Cider to taste

Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Mon Dec 6 10:53:57 PST 1999

> >     2)  It makes the cider that much more un-palatable!
> >Most of you probably know that table sugar in alcohol is the major 
> >no-no!  It makes anything taste like cider and cider taste like super 
> >cider.  ;)
> I feel this is one of those strange rumors that float around the brewing
> community with little basis in fact.  In years past, I've used table sugar
> (sucrose) as a priming sugar, and as a gravity boost for various wines and
> beers, and while there are problems with body and head retention (for beers)
> I've never had the cidery off-taste that is often warned of.  Generally
> that off-flavor is the result of an infection, which could come about if
> sugar were added to fermenting wort without proper sanitation/sterilization.
> (i.e. boiling the sugar in some water before priming, etc.)
> Anyone else have counter-evidence that table sugar produces cidery flavors?

Wel, I don't know if it counts as solid evidence, but before I knew the "standard" about sucrose, I was wondering why when I added table sugar, things tasted cidery.  So when I heard it from others, it clicked and the same things without table sugar don't have that taste.  Of fourse, this is just my own observation and taste buds, otehrs may like it.  I know a lot of people loved my cane beer and cane sugar is also sucrose.
> >too tart.  What came in first was Maple Sugar.
> ><snip>
> One of the other things you could try would be to add an unfermentable sugar to
> the cider before fermenting.  Lactose or caramelized sugar should work, and
> would produce a sweet cider without the need for at-serving-time additions.

Thought about it, but I decided that some people like it dry, and since they wouldn't ferment anyway, better to add it at serving time for those who do want it sweet and not for those who want it dry.  If I added it to the batch those who like it dry would be let down.  Make sense?


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