hist-brewing: Adding sugar at bottling

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Mon Dec 6 10:03:05 PST 1999

Try adding a non-frermentable sugar, Lactose, Maltose. If you kill your yeast 
before you bottle. The taste should be stable in the bottle. You an adjust 
the flavor to your taste.
In making champagne. they are all made Brut (very dry). Then, when removing 
the yeast the add back the sweetness to what they are making.

From: "Richard" <Richard at WowMe.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 08:31:49 -0500
Subject: hist-brewing: Cider to taste

I thought I would share this with everyone as it cost me a mint to =
Some of you make cider and have probably experienced, as I have, the =
person who turns their nose up at it, because it is dry.  Well, some of =
the kits suggest adding a teaspoon of table sugar to the glass, at =
serving time, to make it more palatable for these people.  This has two =
adverse effects:
    1)  It makes the cider bubble over anything you put it in (sparkling =
    2)  It makes the cider that much more un-palatable!
Most of you probably know that table sugar in alcohol is the major =
no-no!  It makes anything taste like cider and cider taste like super =
cider.  ;)

Sooooo, I set out to find a good (natural) sweetener to add to cider =
that would actually improve it's taste or at least not take away from =
it.  I can tell you I tried EVERYTHING!  Fructose came in second, but =
made it far too tart.  What came in first was Maple Sugar.
I have actually served someone the cider, they freaked and I returned =
later with a "new" cider (added Maple Sugar) and they said. "This one is =
MUCH better!"  They really didn't believe it was the same cider, even =
after I told them.
You should be able to find Maple Sugar at your local market.  If not, =
maple syrup does work too.
I usually add about a teaspoon of this powder to the glass at serving =
If you add it into your bottle, or fermenter, it will probably ferment =
and compound the original issue.
Well, there it is, thought some of you might be able to gain from my =
hard earned dollars spent on sweeteners of every kind.  (Yes, I even =
tried several varieties of molasses!).

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