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Greetings from Terafan,    

Richard is not accurate in what ever evidence he claims that suggest hops
were not introduced until the late 15th or early 16th century. If you are
talking about ENGLAND, then that statement is relatively true, but needs to
be understood in context.  

Not trying to toot my horn, but I have taught classes on hops. You can find
the class notes at http:www.greydragon.org/library.html  Look at "HOPS: The
Bitter Herb"

For those who don't want to go surf, a quick summary is:

- The first mention of hops is in reference to a hop garden in the Hallertau
district in 736 AD.

- The first EUROPEAN mention of hops being added to beer was in 1079 by
Abbess Hildegarde of St. Ruprechtsberg. "If one intends to make beer from
oats, it is prepared with hops."

- Records reflect the use of hops in beer in France in 1268 during the reign
of Louis IX. the law stated that beer should only contain good malt and

- The English developed a taste for hopped Dutch beer while soldiering in
the Low Countries. Hopped beer, or beer (as opposed to ale) was imported
into Winchelsea as early as 1400, with the first hops being planted in
England in 1428.

- The Brewer's Company, formed in 1437 and made up of ale brewers, concerned
about the spread of beer petitioned the Lord Mayor of London in 1484 that
"no hops, herbs, or other like thing be put into any ale or liquore wherof
ale shall be made--but only liquor, malt, and yeast." This was intended to
keep clear the demarcation between ale and beer.

- In 1524, hops were condemned as an adulteration by Henry VIII, and an
injunction against their use was issued. However, in 1536, Edward VI
(Henry's successor) commended hopped beer as "notable, healthy, and



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> I'm gonna get shot for this, but here goes:
> 1) Don't use hops!
> <ducking>
> There is some evidence to suggest that hops were not 
> introduced until the late 15th early 16th century and that 
> they were an invention of the protestant church to cause 
> "calming".  <looking around>  

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