hist-brewing: Distillation

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at umich.edu
Mon Dec 6 08:30:47 PST 1999

I found a "mini distilling machine" in the Skymall catalog on a recent plane
flight.  The description says:

     Exclusive! Make Your Own Brandy with Our Miniature Distilling Machine.
     The chemistry set for connoisseurs. Satisfy your thirst for
     experimentation and for good, full-proof spirits. This is a working
     version of the professional apparatus used by the world's finest
     distilleries. Put in your favorite wine, aperitif, beer, ale or stout
     and transform them into hearty grappas, eau de vies, distilled
     brandies and whiskeys. Crafted in Italy with style and precision, it
     makes a fascinating display. Reg. $229.95 - Sale! $199.95. (NOTE:
     Under the laws of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, this
     still is exempt from regulations for setting up and registration of
     distilling apparatus provided that it is not used for distilling.)

See http://www.skymall.com/product_detail.asp?itemid=1492 for a picture and
ordering info.  It's also in the "Wine Enthusiast" catalog, but their catalog
interface is less functional than Skymall's.

In any case, I found the "NOTE" amusing following the main text of the blurb.


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