hist-brewing: many discussions

Kappler, MMC Richard A. KAPPLERR at swos.navy.mil
Mon Dec 6 05:58:35 PST 1999

Quite interesting discussions that I missed over the weekend, so here's my
two pfennigs worth, take or leave it as you will.

distilling legality in the US - it's illegal, regardless of what you call
it, how you do it, whether you like it or not, or whether you get caught or
not, its illegal.  Unless you get licensing and such from BATF.

reasons distilling is illegal - taxes.  Pure and simple.  TAXES.  The Gov't
makes huge $ on taxation of distilled spirits.  They don't want to lose
that.  As far as potential dangers of home distilling: BATF doesn't care if
you live or die, as long as you obey their rules in doing so.  Secondly,
home distilation is legal in New Zealand and is quite the budding new
industry.  Its safe.  Its done all the time.  They aren't killing anybody
with their hooch in NZ.  They aren't getting the revenue in the governmental
coffers either.  They don't seem to mind.

Cider - I make cider all the time.  Love the stuff.  Two big factors affect
flavor of the cider: ingredients and yeast.  If you want sweet cider, use
the right kind of yeast.  If you let it ferment naturally, its gonna be dry.
If you use wine yeasts that make dry or semi dry wine, it'll make dry cider.
If you want sweet cider, use sweet wine yeasts or sweet mead yeasts or ale
yeast.  Additionally, once fermentation is over, do a malo-lactic conversion
of your cider and it will be much mo better.

regards, Puck

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