hist-brewing: Apple Cider

Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Sun Dec 5 21:42:40 PST 1999

"Karen Olson" <kaolson3 at hotmail.com> made the comment:

> I thought that the laws about homebrewing varied state to state, but 
> distilling was illegal everywhere, due to the dangers in doing it 
> incorrectly. Or am i biased?

I have heard this justification, but what it comes down to is, it is illegal because the Federal government would lose a  fair amount of income from the taxes.
In fairness, there is a lot of truth to the issues of danger in distilling, but since these dangers don't exist in freeze distilling (unless your an idiot and put a five gallon jug of glass with a tight seal on no room for expansion in a freezer [liquor bomb]) then this justification for the law ceases to exist.  Since freeze distilling is illegal, then it must be about the money, which I don't think the government would deny, and in fact we do benefit from the taxes, so we shouldn't really complain, too much.


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