hist-brewing: more newbie questions :-)

Richard Richard at WowMe.com
Sun Dec 5 21:33:48 PST 1999

> > 3)  Sparkling vs Still Mead.  Is sparkling mead any better than 
> > still, or is
> > this just a personal preference type issue.   I don't care for 
> > champagne
> > over wine, but I do like my beer carbonated.   I guess the question 
> > here is,
> > is mead to be thought of as more a wine type beverage or a beer type
> > beverage?
> Mead is more of a wine type. Sparkling vs Still is a personal preference.

For what it's worth, I prefer my Meade sparkling.  Without the fizz it seems a bit harsh to me and has a very flat flavor.  I am one of those few people who hates fizz in soda, so for me to say this, believe me, to me it makes a difference.  You might not like champagne because it is dry.  In this case, look to making a sweet Meade.  I have seen some yeasts specifically made for sweet Meade.  I used champagne yeast in my last Cyser (Cider-Meade) and it is getting to be quite dry and champagne(y).

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