hist-brewing: mead

David McCarty raille at mich.com
Fri Dec 3 18:11:36 PST 1999

At 05:42 PM 12/3/1999 PST, Amy Tubbs wrote:
>> >Montrechet yeast is more tolerant to higher alcohol levels. -- Amy
>>All very true, but it imparts a flavor to the mead, which I cannot stand.
>Never noticed a problem.  Could you describe the flavor?

To me I would say that young, it tastes like the pimento that comes in an
olive.  Of course, thats my opinion of the taste.

>>I used it a couple times and will never use it again.
>What kind do you use?

I love the character and flavor of Australian Ale Yeast, by yeast labs.

>-- Amy

Dave M.
I noticed it took a month for that last message of mine to hit the list.

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