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Thorunn Vigadottir thorunn_sca at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 02:27:37 PST 1999

Heilsa!  I have been experimenting with chocolate in
both meads and cordials (searching for the perfect
chocolate elixir!  laff)and thought I would pass on
what I have learned.

I don't use the powder for the basic reason I was
instructed by Master Ruirk to never, ever, never use
powdered flavorings.  Powder can leave an unpleasant
texture to your liquids.  Ergo, I have skipped cocoa

I tried the squeeze bottle of Hersey's that is added
directly to milk, and havent found the result to be an
especially chocolate-y experience.  In fact, I am
incrediably disappointed with one result.  I am
holding onto the mead becuase it can take upwords of a
year to have a good choc mead, but still ... (sulks
and kicks the ground desondently over her hard work).

Now, as for the liquid gold that comes in the can -- I
believe I have found the seceret!  In a cordial
experiment, I have produced a liquid chocolate bar
that is smooth and lingers delightfully on the tongue.

I can't wait to start a mead!

Hope this helps!

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. - Anna
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