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Did some old messages get re-posted? I noticed a LOT of my old posts were re-sent, but I didn't do it.  Anyone have an explanation for this?
They are not from me, cuz I noticed they are marked as sent from me., but I know I didn't send them yesterday.


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> Just recently there was a round of discussions in this newsgroup
> concerning the estrogenic compounds found in hops.. And if I remember
> correctly a chemist and beer enthusiast challenged many of the
> statements made in your resources.. Basically it was concluded that the
> amount of estrogenic compounds left in the wart after boiling were too
> insignificant to cause problems with moderate use.  Brewers Droop was
> also questioned..  I may have the article saved and if I find it I will
> send it to you...  If You dont get it from me in a few days ... you
> might want to do a search using hotbot and its newsgroup search options
> >

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