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> I've had an interesting experience with the apple-ginger beer 
> from Patricia Telasco's "Victorian Grimoire." I let a nearly 
> full bottle of it sit in the garage (okay, I forgot about it 
> under a pile of newspapers) for about eight months. When I 
> found the bottle, I assumed it had gone bad. But when I went 
> to salvage the bottle, I discovered the resulting beverage 
> was very clear, semi-dry and tasty. It had lost the harsh 
> edge that beer has when young (i.e. when it's supposed to be 
> drunk -- within a month). I have since replicated my inital 
> accident and find it works pretty consistantly. It's not 
> exactly cider since you do put sugar and yeast in the apple 
> juice, but it is mightily tasty.
> My two pence,
> Dawn

I'm interested in the comment s about sugar in connection with cidermaking -
virtually all the recipies I have ever seen include sugar and/or honey, and
iI would still consider them to be cider. I suppose since apples don't have
enough sugar in them to produce anything of any great strength (only apples
and bananas do that) that these inclusions are designed to boost the alcohol
content. What's the typical final percentage of an all-apple brew???

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